The Return Of Store 13

About a month ago my friend, Tepi, posted a Facebook video that was dated around 2009. It was recapping an event at Store 13, a small boutique I managed & he owned. Watching it brought so much joy, as well as a large sense of sadness. I was so sad it was gone! Although the store wasn't mine I considered it my baby that I never really saw grow to its full potential. I mean, it was where I learned so much about retail and met 75% percent of my followers. I hosted my very first art show there. I became really good at merchandising and upselling there. The store brought a whole new culture to the SGV. There's so much that we can claim that we did for the lifestyle in the community, but I'm not here to list all that. 

 After shedding a tear I messaged him and was pretty much like "Yo, we have to bring the store back!" Shortly after the text was sent, we met up for lunch to take a stroll down memory lane. We also took a stroll down that alley of regrets. But, hey, you learn from your mistakes. After the meal was over we went our separate ways to think more about this concept of bringing something back that has been away for a number of years.


Fast forward to earlier this week. We got ahold of each other for another meeting to discuss ideas. We covered so much ground and realized this was going to be a lot of work, but definitely, something that we were passionate about and could not deny that it needed to return. IT HAS TO! IF NOT HIM BRINGING IT BACK, I WOULD! That's just how much I believe in it. For once I had happiness and creativity for something I was 100% passionate about without the doubts of failure. This is going to be a project that was going to require us to work overtime after our day jobs. 

With that being said, there will be the return of Store 13. Stay posted, as I'm working on a new site, designs, marketing, concepts, and more. Info will be provided sooner than later. WE CAN'T FUCKING WAIT!