Sunshine On Cloudy Days

It's kind of ironic how a whole day of bingin' and veggin' out brought me life. It was exactly what I needed. Exactly what I was desperately seeking for the past week, and the opportunity popped up in the most perfect way.

This past week had been full of tons of positive energy, really great news for opportunities, lots of support from snapchat, and of course negative energy. It seems as if no matter how positive things can be, the smallest ounce of negativity can infect your whole vibe. While things were all good in the hood, there has been one major thing that was on my mind that I could only feel comfortable talking about with my best friend.

Quick run down: I don't watch TV, I barely listen to radio, and I'm quite the loner. The internet would beg to differ.

I wanted to get away, go somewhere I was comfortable, and literally blow a whole fucking day watching TV. Oh, and eat! This day couldn't be complete if I hadn't had some bomb food.


It's not every day I get to talk to or see my best friend, and as I was picking up the phone to text her, she texted me asking if I wanted to get French toast in the morning. WTF? Could the timing had been any better? And it's rainy day weather! She had applied somewhere new and wanted to fill me in. Of course I said yes, but only if we could hang out and watch the tube. We had breakfast, watched a full season of GIRLS, and enjoyed our favorite flavors of ice cream. It was boring, I didn't once think of my worries, It was perfect!

So where are we going with this? I came home, and instead of wanting to work on projects, I knocked out. I haven't been this at ease in a loooong time. Here's where I get a full burst of rejuvenated life. A couple days ago I became co-owner of my favorite boutique and am now working on rebranding and marketing this shit out of it. Well, when I woke up from my nap my mind was so clear. Everything for the store, the visions, all made sense. Like, they were just floating in a James Turell type room inside my mind. Instead of my mind being a cluster-fuck of creative ideas for everyone else, it was honing in on one project. And this was the most beautiful thing ever! I finally feel my CREATIVITY! (I guess that part is hard to explain.)

All in all, if timing didn't have it's roll in my life and I didn't take this break I probably would've been a fucking wreck all summer. Yes, all summer!