Starbucks & Chill w/ Kasee Garcia

In life you should never stop learning. It should always be constant, wether it's something as simple as laundry or something as hard as building an empire. As my years on this planet have flashed by I've learned to never be afraid to ask for help if it was contributing to making me a better person. I'm a student everyday & luckily I have amazing teachers (friends) in my life willing to dedicate time to pass on their knowledge.

One of my goals for this year plays a huge part in my aspirations to be a correspondent/ personality, not only for my own brand, but for larger corporations. That goal was to learn how to present myself better, have a better flow, what language to use, and so on when it comes to snapchat & on air. I mean, I have somewhat of an idea but would like to pinpoint things. This is when I decided the best people who could help me would be people in that field.

Sidenote: My new internet friend, Frankie Greek, will be covering Coachella for Fuse. How dope is that? I'll get that interview from her soon. PROMISE!  

A while ago I had reached out to my friend, Kasee Garcia, who had her own late night to early morning show on the weekends at Power 106. She responded back but we never really found time to sit down and get things poppin'. It wasn't until yesterday that I found an opportunity to get her out for Starbucks on her way home from work. She's now running a daytime show at HOT 103.9 from 10am - 3pm in the Riverside area so she had to pass thru my city to get home. HAAAAAA GOT EEEEEM!

We met up at Starbucks in Covina off Citrus & Rowland around 7. I was running on barely any sleep, hadn't showered in a day, and threw on whatever was clean. Basically, I was a fucking a mess but wasn't about to make her wait. Even if that meant I had to show up the way I did. Gotta do what you gotta do & take what you can get!

Figure out what direction you want to go in & who you want to be

 We went over my goals and the things that were bugging me while on that path. Lucky for me she had only positive things to say. So I guess I'm on the right track. There's little changes that can be made , but they're all within reach. I'll post some of the pointers below for you take in as well. About an hour and a half later we ended our session and I asked her to assign me some homework so that I can feel that need to implement everything I had learned to my life. That's just the way I work. 


• DON'T GET LOST IN THE SAUCE. Don't forget who you are on & off the platforms.

• STAY CONSISTENT. It's easy to slack off and fall off track for a few days & it's just as easy for your viewers/ listeners to lose interest.

• PLAN AHEAD & PAY ATTENTION TO TRENDS.You wanna know your audience & embrace them. Pay attention to the trends for that demographic. Planning content ahead of time will come a lot more organically that way.

• PICK 1 - 2 TOPICS YOU LOVE & STICK WITH THAT. My biggest problem is wanting to cover everything. Mostly because there's so many things that I do for a living and because I love it. I picked Music & Art as my topics to focus on. 

• ALWAYS MARKET YOURSELF. You don't have to do it excessively, but once a day is good enough to let people know about your site or your show. Imbed that!

• PICK & CHOOSE YOUR PUBLIC PERCEPTION.Do you want people to see you as a person who parties all the time? Someone who travels a lot? A pothead? An entrepeneur? Whatever it is, make sure it's what you want to be viewed as and constantly present that.