Photo Of The Day: Jaclyn Joyce

This whole day was a spontaneous adventure. Not sure how we stumbled upon each other, but I know we were messaging on Instagram about shooting. She lived in Hollywood & I lived in Pomona. The day we finally met was this day (2013?) and we had planned on shooting. Where? We had no idea.

As we were sitting in my car, deciding what to do, the suggestion of a desert look popped up. Off to Palm Springs we went. This was absolutely crazy because she was a complete stranger and I was about to be in an hour and a half car ride with her. What if she was nuts? What if we had awkward silences? 

She wasn't crazy & we talked so much the whole way there. I was the crazy one who took my Altima off roading. Yup, we got stuck in the middle of nowhere. After that, we headed over to the Ace Hotel where we shot this and a bunch of other pics that I wish I still had to share. 

After a long day out in the sun, we had dinner, then headed home. We should have just booked a room out there. It took us about 5 hrs to get to Hollywood and I still had to drive back home. I have never, in the history of my life as a driver, seen accidents on every damn freeway possible. It was Carmageddon! Maps app was completely red. It looked more like blood vessels rather than freeways and routes. Luckily I had my little Texan belle of a stranger to help keep me sane & laughing the whole way home. Fun times.