Meet my friend Ashley Reynoso. Ashley and I have know each other for around 7 years now but it's always just a catch up game and so on. Are friendship started when she interned for me at Store 13, a small boutique I managed in West Covina. We're very like minded and hit it off right away and have been that way ever since. It's one of those friendships that can pick up right where we left off.

 About two weeks agoI had hit her up to shoot pics for her and her store. I didn't want cash or anything in return, I simply wanted to work and work with amazing people. We came up with a lot of fun ideas right off the bat but I didn't want to jump the gun on those yet.

 In most cases of shooting with friends, especially if they don't model for a living, they tend to be a little stiff or shy. So we took this shoot as an opportunity to get back in our groove and knock off any nerves. What we came up with was really fun. The images she actually posed for were a bit unnatural and I wasn't convinced, but like I said, it was our first time shooting. It's the images I shot in between the sets that I really loved because it was her in her natural state, and that's what I always aim for. 

Here's a few of the first set that we shot. Expect a lot more fun shoots and photos from us. This is only the beginning of a really fun adventure between two great friends shooting weekly.

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