Exploration With Images


It's not every day I get to hang out with my cool friends and take pics, so sometimes I let them do the work for me. Well, sort of. A simple Snapchat or Instagram selfie will work, though. For instance, Kaylee and I have shot a number of times, but our schedules haven't really worked out for us as far as shooting pics go. So when she posted a snap I was intrigued by, I hit her up for the image. 

Imagine posting a selfie and then seeing it as a grid on some dudes Instagram without any acknowledgement. Like, what the fuck?

This picture, as well as a few others, are being used for samples for to practice some new work. I have always admired images of halftone formats (these are not in that format) and wanted to incorporate that into my art. I'm also a huge fan of one specific item in multiples. End cap installations during big events, like Superbowl, at markets always get my excited. That's why I used a grid for these. Stay tuned for finished samples.