Electric Relaxation

I've always hated that stupid excuse for being a bitch that goes something like this, "I just woke up on the wrong side of today".... until yesterday. It always seemed like such a lame cop out. Like, how the fuck does that even happen? Anyways, it happened to me and I was thrown off all day long. I legit didn't give a fuck about anyone or anything. I even cried heavily on my way home (for reasons I can't talk about).

My day was fucked! It also happened to be the day Phife Dawg of A Tribe Called Quest passed away due to diabetes. So I did what any crazy person would do. Cranked A.T.C.Q. and drove my car into a tree. YUP!

Ok, you're an asshole if you think I really did that. I decided I'd go home and listen to all of their albums on Spotify while working on quotes. There was so much on my mind and my quotes are the only thing that can keep me in a room, concentrated, for over 5 hours.

This is going to hurt to say as much as it pains you to hear, but I've never actually listened to an A.T.C.Q. record in my whole existence on this planet. There's an explanation for this, though. My parents raised me on oldies and really loud house music. The whole 90's hip-hop era was kind of non-existent for me unless I was spending the night at my cousins' house in Riverside. 

Speeding you up to current time, I still haven't streamed 90's hip-hop music. Don't get me wrong, I love it, I just don't have people around me to influence me enough to wanna stream it. So I did myself the favor and blessed my ear with such amazing music. I started with The Love Movement and then proceeded to Midnight Marauders. Both were so good. Good enough to inspire me to quote them in 2 pieces of art. I'd end up working on these non-stop, besides me falling asleep, for 8 hours.

Above is the process of how it goes down.