Beachy Keen

There has been so many random things I've wanted to do lately but haven't had the chance or time to do so. Kind of how I haven't put aside time to blog or keep you informed on my art show. Yes, I had an art show about a week ago and it was amazing! 

Back to fulfilling the random things that pop into my head. While pulling images of inspiration for quote ideas on Tumblr, I realized that there wasn't as many photos of what I had imagined there would be on the site. Maybe I wasn't looking at the right accounts, but as you all know, it's easy to fuck around and get lost for hours. So when my friend asked me to shoot some pics with her I knew this would be the perfect opportunity to start collecting "Tumblr-esque" type images (body shots, sexuality, and other artsy shit). These are nowhere close to what I'm envisioning but it's a start.  ENJOY