All Nighters

For a lot of artists, creativity always strikes at the wee hours of the night. This could be because there's always creativity on our mind throughout the day, but as soon as we have solitude it overwhelms our minds, begging to be released. That's usually the case for me.

It's late at night and "Oui" by Jeremih came on as I starting to prep for more quotes. Instantly my mindset for went from cute & short, to sensual & sexual. It has such an alluring melody accompanied with great lyrics devoted to a lover. My next reaction was to briefly search Tumblr for some GIFs to mirror these thoughts consuming my mind. Then I proceeded to loop that song over and over, jotting down words, and generating quotes on photoshop.

Oh, my. What did I come up with? These new pieces are definitely something a from that certain part of my mind that I'm usually private with, but fuck it. It's in the name of art & expressing myself. Stay tuned for those.

CLICK PLAY & ENJOY EACH GIF. Allow yourself to connect for 7 seconds (Mississippis)

That moment when you can't hold back. You - Are - Going - To - Get - It!

... and then there's these fun, yet short lived, moments between the flirting & fuc.......... 

Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Of course you are.

Guuuuuh!! You already know what's up.

When souls meet bodies.

Empower yourself. Eat your girl right

There's nowhere else I'd rather be. There's nothing else I wanna do.