Drawings On The Desk Diagram

The other day I had gone to Michael's to look for a hat box to pack up and ship out the hat I've worn too much on social media. I also went to snapchat to promote their email list because it's simply the best if you're an artist. We're constantly in need of supplies, they're constantly sending out coupons worthy enough to keep from ending in the spam folder.

Earlier in the week I had gone to my friend Ashly's place to go over goals (don't worry, this will all piece together). I had mentioned to her that I have this odd fear of investing in myself, although I love to help others. So while I was at Michael's I came across a roll of white paper that I had been needing, but as usual, procrastinated because my mind always questions if I reeeeaaaally need things. 

I picked it up and held it for about 5 minutes, put it back, left the aisle, and came back to hold it for another 5 minutes. Gawd damn it!! This part of me is really frustrating. You know what made this situation even worse? It was only $3 or so, and I had a coupon for an additional 40% off. Did I really spend about 15 minutes in an aisle; playing back my whole conversation w/ Ashly in my head? Yes, I did! Long story short, I bought it.

Now to the main purpose of this post. While I was up dealing with my nightly insomnia I decided to put that roll to use. I stretched it across my desk, cut a decent sized sheet, and taped it down to my desk. Now every time I'm really caught up on an idea I can quickly jot down a diagram of everything thats scrambling around in that mind of mine. Once it's filled after 2 - 3 days I can peel it off and put it aside for a further date so I can focus on art.

To be creative constantly is quite the gift and the curse. This is my new way of coping. If you find yourself relating to this post you should try this out.