Work Work Work Work


It's currently 6:23 am, on a rainy Sunday morning, and I'm barely getting home from what was one incredibly epic night. It's also a continuation from Friday since I only slept for 4 hrs from then until Saturday. Does that make sense, or am I just loopy from only sleeping a total of 9 out of 72 hrs? I'm pretty sure that's the case.

This is why you should follow my snap. This would make way more sense. LOVEFACESTUDIO

My day started at 10am on Saturday and I had so much to do. A couple things I had been wanting to do both happened to land on the same weekend. I had been wanting to shoot events and just shoot more, in general. Saturday was Zoofunktion's show at Belasco & today (Sunday) at 10am I'm shooting my favorite person ever.

Zoofunktion's show for the Neon Paint Tour was absolutely insane! I'm about to go in on some photo editing before I go and shoot with Bruna.