Fear & Loathing In The Studio

After last night's chat with Ashly there was something still weighing heavy on me. Yes, there was so much weight lifted off my shoulders but there was still a little left. The weight of self doubt & fear of wasting someone's time by not fulfilling my end of everything. This was the type of weight that nobody else could spot me on, it's all on me now.

 Why doubt myself if I already have the keys to success written down right in front of me? Well, if you follow me on Snapchat you'd know that I'm constantly doing something, and that's my biggest downfall. I always over plan my days to the point where I don't give enough "Me Time", causing me to procrastinate on art & goals.

So today as I sat at my desk I thought about something my friend Deorro told me. He said that if I had to make a decision between one thing or the other (in this case art or partying) than I don't really want it. Think about that. That shit is scary! Like, damn, that's so true and it's major commitment. But then I look at all the artists I enjoy and realize why I enjoy them. They're so committed to their work, in their own world, that they're constantly creating content.

The thought of someone proving to me that I don't love art as much as I say I do really had me fucked up. I sat my ass down at my desk and started going to town. I've been cooped up in my studio (my bedroom) for the last 6 hours jotting quotes & ideas for monthly art. Above are pictures of my process and progress.