Sexual Revolution

Has any of you had those certain friends that you easily gain inspiration from? Like, just by hanging out with them, or things you learn about them that catch you off guard? Luckily I happen to have a handful of those, but mostly because I've chosen to surround myself with badasses. I guess that's a major perk. If you're ever so lucky to have this type of friend, you're probably familiar with the immense urge of wanting to pull the trigger instantly on the incredible idea that was just sparked upon you.

In this case, I was going to have to replay these ideas in my head over and over again until I got home at 2:30 am. It was going to be a long ass night.

It was Ashly's birthday celebration at Walter's in Claremont and I was really excited to give her the gift I was working on earlier that day. The atmosphere was great, she was looking well put together as always, and I ..... Well, I was just awkward me, feeling loads of anxiety because I didn't know anyone and I was in a place I had never been before. 

Side note: I don't like the feeling of not knowing where exits or any escape routes are. Weird!

I had only planned to be there for a little less than an hour since I already had plans to support my friend Concr3te at Luna, in Diamond Bar. So I made small talk with her sister and a mutual friend to pass the time. As time had run out and it was time for me to leave, Ashly gave me a huge hug and expressed how much she loved her gift and that she wanted another one. This is where I was caught off guard.

Her request, as I was leaving, was to make her another quote with more sexual references. Excuse me?! I was a little taken back because she doesn't come off as a pervert in anyway and I couldn't imagine her hanging the shit that comes out my mouth, in her house. But then again she did really love the gift that I had presented to her that read "Wine Me Dine Me, And Sixty Nine Me".

This was quite a relieving moment for me, as it was also a time where my mind was about to run wild. Want more sexual innuendos? Heeeello, I have plenty of that! I've always wanted to include sexuality into my art but have always been hesitant and reserved. Like, what will people think of me if I post this shit? But that's who I am and I need to embrace that it. Art is a reflection of self, and more times than none, others will reflect on that too. 

(This is where I'm talking to myself, but jotting this down) Times like this where I think to myself and start piecing things together. For instance, Ashly isn't the only friend I have that is open to express that side of herself. Bruna is also a very strong, professional, female who doesn't hold back and that's why so many people love her. Have you seen all the pics we've shot? C'mon, Erik, get with the times, man! Let's drop the guard and be a little more expressive. (........ aaaand we're back to reality) 

Can I get an amen for more sex n shit?..... Ok, I'll just calm myself down over here. Got a little too excited.

Thanks again, Ashly, for being the extra little push I needed to expose a more sexual side to my work.