Sup Youngin'?

 There's something that had been on my mind for a long while. Something I often argue with my mother about. Today I would take a step towards making a change for the better. WOW, I'm so glad I did.

 Growing up I had an older brother & a younger brother to learn from, be inspired from, and eventually get molded by. Years later my parents decided "We're bored. Let's have another kid". That would eventually lead into 1 brother & 2 sisters many years younger than us.

 Fast forward many years to now, and I find myself constantly arguing with my parents about my siblings not getting introduced to their artistic sides. I'm huge on people doing what they love for a living. That's what I want for my brothers and sis. They would never have that option if we don't encourage or inspire them with new things. It kills me to think of my siblings being drones at a 9-5 not not pursuing their passion because I wasn't a better "Big Brother".

Hailie's shots of Ian

Ian's shots of Hailie

Today I had them hang out at my house to learn some new things. Then I took them to the neglected part of the house, the backyard. There is where I'd give them a run down on how the ISO, F STOP, and SHUTTER SPEED effect the lighting behind images. Gave them my camera and let them run game.

 I wanted them to learn by letting them take the wheel and run into their own problems. If they asked for help only then would I help them. However, I did suggest that they guide their subjects and test out different angles.

 THEY KILLED IT! As soon as they each took a few choice shots we went inside and together we picked out which pictures they wanted to edit. I walked them through the editing process and gave them different options. Here's what they chose to use. Proud moment.