... and then you die. So enjoy everything & anything that is thrown your way. For instance, an opportunity to shoot your friend in Malibu on a perfect summer day, followed up by really amazing food.

 Let me introduce to you my extremely talented friend, one you're probably familiar with, Bruna Nessif. Here is where I'd brag about how cool she is but I feel like you probably get enough of that from all the RT, Reposts, & Shares I post. Just know she's doing big things and there's a 90% chance you've viewed her work & just didnt know. (Damn, I really put my friends on pedestals)

 Back to the sunny Cali-forn-i-yay day I was speaking of earlier. We finally set a date to link up and execute this shoot she had been planning since April. After hair and make up in Los Feliz we set off to our journey down PCH to our destination in Malibu. The ride consisted of dating life, dating life, and more dating life because DUH, it's Bruna

Once we arrived to El Matador it was ridiculously overcrowded with families n shit so we continued on until I spotted a long stretch of beach. There wasn't much to work with but it was away from large crowds so I made due with what was offered.


Bruna is always really fun & easy to hang/shoot with. It's usually a mix of laughs, exposing secrets & flaws, more laughs, really good food, and of course 15-20 minutes of selfies. Damn, we are seriously the worst at that. We'll take around 20 pics and then decide who's going to post what, with what kind of witty comment we both think works hahahaha. It's an embarrassing collaborative effort.