If you follow me on Snapchat you most likely caught my 3 minute long snap of mine & Rikai's wild adventure in HB and Pasadena last week. From that came my Photo Of The Day post as well as the concept of shooting together. From then until now we were shooting each other ideas of what would be kind of fun. We both were fans of the wet/ sweaty/ bath tub look.

 I had never shot with her so I wasn't sure what to expect or even if I'd get good shots. I just knew that we've always had great chemistry together and that either way something fun would come of it. The best part about that was she felt the same way. We treated it as a test shoot.

 Rikai had this big ass suitcase was an overabundance of clothes and I ain't no stylist or anything, so I just grabbed a bikini top and some high waisted slacks. Instead of the typical bathroom scene we headed to my garage where the holes in the wall would help add to the look.  ENJOY!


sidenote: In search of freelance stylist, MUA, and Hair Stylist that would love to bring good vibes and collaborate on future shoots. Comment below!