Today's Photo Of The Day (#POTD) is of my long time friend Rikai, on the corner of PCH & Main St., in Huntington Beach.

 There were many photos from this day as there usually is when we get together, but this one happened to be accidental. For some odd reason my iPhone likes to randomly choose when it wants to focus and when it wants me to have blurry photos from fun adventures. No lie, it seems to only happen when I'm drunk. This camera knows me too well.

 We were heading to the pier for all the obvious reasons and I was still trying to figure out what the hell was wrong with my phone. While we were at the light we were admiring the ocean breeze, the gorgeous sunset, and taking a second to slow down from our wild day. It was then when I said "Hey, Rikai" right before I took a quick test shot. Boom this was it. I love it.

 This picture holds our moment of joy while being surrounded by chaos. That's exactly what our day consisted of. We were drunk deviants doing whatever we wanted in our own little bubble of life. Fun times as per usual.