It's Tuesday and I'm officially 1 week behind on my pictorial diary entries. Trust me when I say "the anxiety is real". There's been this giant cloud of guilt hovering over me this whole week I've been putting it off. Sometimes the simplest things can weigh a ton.

 I know doodling in a book once a day sounds very simple, so simple to the point that I can do it while taking a shit, but it's not that simple.


 There's levels to this shit! There's so much that goes on in one day of my life (so dramatic) that it usually takes me about an hour just for 1 very elementary doodle. So when I miss a day I waste so much time at my desk contemplating what to start, what to draw, what to leave out, and so on. That's just me being a perfectionist with my memories. 

 I'm working on putting myself out there more and filling you in on the more exciting things going on in life by actually carrying my diary and markers around. No more waiting to be alone to work on things. Gotta get over that shit!